Claim / Reclamations

Claim / Reclamations


Responsibility for defects and warranty


Every customer is responsible for checking our product(s) at the moment of delivery. If there is a mechanical damage found on the on the product’s packaging, a customer is required to check the quality of the product delivered. If there is a damage made a customer is obliged to make a record about it in the presence of delivery service.


If the damage of a product(s) was not detected at the moment of delivery, the reclamation has to be carried out as soon as possible (immediately after product‘s delivery). The reclamation right is not applicable on the products on which the damage was suspected later. Before you start using our product(s) we highly recommend you to read and follow the conditions of guarantee which iclude user manual.


When our product(s) is being delivered a customer is obliged to check its condition and quantity.
If an item is missing from a customer’s order, it needs to be announced to the delivery service and the report has to be made.


Warranty period commences on the date of a purchase:
24 months according to law no.40/1964 Zb, §620, Code Civil
12 months according to law no. 513/1991 Zb, § 429 Code Civil
Some producers offer extended (2+1) warranty after filling out the form and announcing the warranty. Warranty does apply for the damaged goods that are under the warranty period and the damage was not known or visible in the time of purchase. The warranty does not apply for the damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions for our products.
The warranty does not apply and does not extend to any product from which:
- improper handling of our products
- failure to follow the instructions for our products
- by operation outside the usage parameters stated in the user documentation
- improper or inadequate maintenance, misuse of product(s)
- use of other inadequate accessories with our product(s)
- failure to follow the care instructions
-service by anyone other than authorized service


A seller/ a customer can reclaim goods from the distributor which sold the product to them. However, when there is specialized service offered by authorized service company which is located near the distibutor’s address or near to a customer’s address, a customer has right to automatically reclaim goods. In case the service by authorized service company is not possible the service is provided by the vendor.


A customer is allowed to exchange an item only in case the damage made to a purchased product is irreparable. The condition of damaged product(s) is qualified by authorized service company in form of a report. Any further service is provided according to this report in conformity with the law.