Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. General Information / About Us

Distibutor: 3b s.r.o. , Sabinovská 151, 080 01 Prešov, Slovakia
Company Registration Number: 36513148, IČ DPH: Sk 2022123961
Place of business: Sabinovská 151, 080 01 Prešov, Slovakia
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 8.00 am – 5pm
Telephone number: 00421918 966 245, person in charge: Mr. Bizub
Other contact (Tel. , Fax, Mail): 0042151 7711068, mail to:obchod@3b.sk

2. Placing an order / Ordering

The contract of purchase which acknowledges customer’s purchase of our products is conditioned by customer’s mandatory confirmation of their order. The request for the order that is sent by clicking on the button “final order” during the process of shopping on our website is not a binding request. Customer’s order will be registered and stored in our database system but there is no obligatory business contract between a customer and the seller present. Relevant conditions for the creation of the business contract are primarily contents of an order (specification of the chosen products, number of items) product price and shipping price, terms and means of delivery. If the total weight of an order is more than 30kg we will contact the customer telephonically about the shipping rates.

3. Cancelling of an order

Cancelling of an order by a customer:

A customer has rights to cancel their order without stating the reason anytime before the binding agreement of their order (e-mail confirmation of an order). After the confirmation, the cancellation of the contract for the order is possible only on condition that the distributor has not fulfilled the established delivery conditions. In case of the cancellation of already confirmed order a buyer is automatically obliged to provide for the damage made on the part of the distributor. The distributor is able to claim their rights especially in case of the order that was requested as “customized” thus the distributor had alter their products to individual specifications or in the case where the distributor had made substantial effort with the assurance of the product. The cancellation fee goes to maximum of 50% of the price of a selected product(s).

Cancellation of an order by the distributor:

The distributor claims their rights to cancel the order in the following cases:
-an order failed to be eventually confirmed by a customer (invalid format of a telephone number, a customer is inaccessible, a customer does not respond to e-mail requests, etc.)
-product(s) are no longer in stock, no longer distributed or the distributing price has been substantially modified. If such situation occurs, the distributor will contact a customer for further information. In case a customer has already paid a portion or whole price of the product the distributor will issue him a full refund within 15 calendar days.

4. Discharge of Contract, Returns Policy (mail-order store)

Cancellation of the contract from customer’s part:

A customer who is not purchasing our product(s) for their commercial and business purposes has rights to discharge the contract within 7 calendar days from the product’s delivery
What to do in case of returns:
Since the discharge of the contract assumes the complete annulations of the contract, the distributor as well as a customer is bound to compensate their mutual accepted investments.
A customer can discharge from the contract by contacting the distributor electronically, via e-mail or by a letter sent to the distributor’s contact address. A customer needs to make sure the distributor knows the order number, variable symbol and the exact date of the purchase with the original receipt.

If a product has already been delivered to a customer, this product needs to be sent back to the distributor. The distributor then considers the actual condition of returned item(s).

In case the product(s) are handed in in other than original condition, a customer is obliged to pay the amount of money that is required to get the product(s) back into its (their original condition). If the packaging or any other part of the product is not in its original condition a customer is obliged to provide the distributor with financial compensation as well.

In case of returns, the distributor is obliged to fully or partially refund the money a customer. We kindly ask you to return our products to us by mail and in the parcel which has to be insured. We reserve the right to refuse to bear any responsibility for a parcel loss on its way back to us.

If the discharge from contract is based on the damage that is irreparable or the product has already been repaired (identical damage that has occurred three times already or a damage that has occurred four times and has been acknowledged and repaired by our technicians within duration of guarantee period) all notifications about the previous service need to be disclosed as well.

5. Delivery and transport conditions

The product’s delivery (ordered product‘s delivery) will be carried out within 24 hour from customer’s confirmation of an order. The place of delivery is stated in customer’s confirmed order. The delivery is considered to be fulfilled at the moment when the selected product(s) is/are distributed to the selected destination. The delivery service is provided across the entire republic. A customer can select a particular method of delivery in the section called “Shopping Basket“ No claims regarding delivery can be deduced from the images or data about our products. If the total weight of the ordered products is more than 30kg the shipping rates will be announced to a customer individually.

6. Responsibility for defects and warranty

Every customer is responsible for checking our product(s) at the moment of delivery. If there is a mechanical damage found on the on the product’s packaging, a customer is required to check the quality of the product delivered. If there is a damage made a customer is obliged to make a record about it in the presence of delivery service.

If the damage of a product(s) was not detected at the moment of delivery, the reclamation has to be carried out as soon as possible (immediately after product‘s delivery). The reclamation right is not applicable on the products on which the damage was suspected later. Before you start using our product(s) we highly recommend you to read and follow the conditions of guarantee which iclude user manual.

When our product(s) is being delivered a customer is obliged to check its condition and quantity.
If an item is missing from a customer’s order, it needs to be announced to the delivery service and the report has to be made.

Warranty period commences on the date of a purchase:
24 months according to law no.40/1964 Zb, §620, Code Civil
12 months according to law no. 513/1991 Zb, § 429 Code Civil
Some producers offer extended (2+1) warranty after filling out the form and announcing the warranty. Warranty does apply for the damaged goods that are under the warranty period and the damage was not known or visible in the time of purchase. The warranty does not apply for the damage that occurs as a result of your failure to follow the instructions for our products.
The warranty does not apply and does not extend to any product from which:
- improper handling of our products
- failure to follow the instructions for our products
- by operation outside the usage parameters stated in the user documentation
- improper or inadequate maintenance, misuse of product(s)
- use of other inadequate accessories with our product(s)
- failure to follow the care instructions
-service by anyone other than authorized service

A seller/ a customer can reclaim goods from the distributor which sold the product to them. However, when there is specialized service offered by authorized service company which is located near the distibutor’s address or near to a customer’s address, a customer has right to automatically reclaim goods. In case the service by authorized service company is not possible the service is provided by the vendor.

A customer is allowed to exchange an item only in case the damage made to a purchased product is irreparable. The condition of damaged product(s) is qualified by authorized service company in form of a report. Any further service is provided according to this report in conformity with the law.